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Syntax: WPostCmd [["]/cClassName["]] [["]/nWindowName["]] [["]/iCommand["]] [/tTimeOut]

Post a command to the window specified by ClassName and WindowName. Class name and window name can be enclosed in "" to embed spaces. To pass a " repeat it twice. Only toplevel windows will be searched and if no match is found the command will not be send.

/cClassName: Optional. Specifies the class name of the window to post the command to.

/nWindowName: Optional. Specifies the window name (title) of the window to post the command to.

/iCommand: Specifies the command to post as a number. If not specified 1 (IDOK) will be sent. Common commands are: IDOK = 1, IDCANCEL = 2, IDABORT = 3, IDRETRY = 4, IDIGNORE = 5, IDYES = 6, IDNO = 7, IDCLOSE = 8, IDHELP = 9.

/tTimeOut: Optional. Time in milliseconds to try and find the specified window. During this time WPostCmd will try to find the window once a second. Defaults to 10000.

Example: WPostCmd "/nConfirm upload" /i1 /t60000

will look for one minute for a top level window named "Confirm upload" and if found press its OK button. If the window is not found a message box will inform you and the command will not be send. If you specify no class name and no window name then no command will be sent.

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