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Lazy mirror is freeware for Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 and 2000. It is not compatible with Windows Vista and 2007 when you need to handle files with limited access for your account. For Windows NT, ME, 98 and 95, version 9.0 is still available for download.

Lazy Mirror copies changes made to one or more sources and archives the previous versions of the copied files. If all storage allocated to a destination has been consumed, the oldest archives will be disposed off to make room for new files.

User interface Lazy Mirror
Lazy Mirror running on Windows 2000.

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In this documentation Windows 95, 98 and ME will be abbreviated to Windows 9x and Windows XP, 2003, 2000 and NT will be abbreviated to Windows NTx. Windows Vista and 2007 didn't exist at the time of writing and are not addressed. They mostly act like NTx.

Why use Lazy Mirror?

Because of its speed, backup thousands of files in a few seconds, accessibility, the archives are stored in the file system, accessible by all your favorite find, view and other tools. Crashed data disks can be reduced to plugging in a new disk and even restoring system drives can be reduced to switching drives instead of spending hours watching the progress bars of Windows Setup, Windows update, the progress bar of your favorite restore software or taking ages to copy from your dusty CD collection that happened to loose track of your system just a few months ago. It is free.

Why not use Lazy Mirror?

If you do not have at least two physical drives or good network connectivity, then Lazy Mirror can only protect you against software and human failure, but not against hardware failure of your drive. It can only protect your data against physical drive failure if the source and destination are located on different drives, so when the source drive goes down, you will still have access to the backup on the destination.

On Windows 9x Lazy Mirror supports only characters from Windows ANSI code page 1252, that is, basically only the western versions of Windows. If for instance you run a far-east version of Windows you need Windows 2000 or later.

On Windows NTx non-ANSI characters are fully supported by the scanner, but in the user interface some characters not found in Windows ANSI code page 1252 still display as question marks. This makes Lazy Mirror unsuitable for systems with merely non-ANSI names.

On Windows Vista and 2007 you cannot use Lazy Mirror to back up the system or files with restricted access for the account running Lazy Mirror, even if the account has the necessary backup privileges, with out of the box settings. Providing the needed access without compromising security will be no option for many users and configurations.

To copy and archive data Lazy Mirror is a simple and easy to use tool. To copy a system takes more skills, depending on size, complexity and the operating system in use. Although this documentation handles the details of backing up a system, this might become less obvious reading for some.

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