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To install or update Lazy Mirror download the installer to your local hard disk and run it. If you upgrade an existing version, first read this page, before running the installer.

When you are new to Lazy Mirror check out it's notion of archiving. When you are upgrading from a previous version, check out the following before launching the installer:

From before version 9.1

With version 9.1 Lazy Mirror changed the way reparse points on the NTFS file system are handled. If you do not know where the NTFS file system or reparse points stand for then you are not likely to be affected by this update.

Lazy Mirror will no longer follow reparse points. Instead it will create and update reparse points on the destination. When you use reparse points and you want the destination of the reparse point mirrored then you will have to add a separate mapping to handle the destination of the reparse point.

Creating and updating of a reparse point can be disabled by creating a filter.

From version 9.0

Version 9.0 is the latest version compatible with Windows versions predating Windows 2000.

From before version 8.5

Since version 8.5 you can select whether or not to copy the creation time of files. The default setting is to copy them. If you upgrade from before 8.5 and do not change this default setting then during the first scan the creation times on the destinations will be updated. You can temporarely disable the many log messages during the first scan with the context menu of the log window.

From before version 7.9

Starting from version 7.9 on all settings are stored in the Windows registry beneath the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\WH\Lazy Mirror. The Lazy Mirror.ini file is no longer used and if you upgrade from before version 7.9 then you have to reenter your settings, like mappings and filters, previously residing in the Lazy Mirror.ini file.

If you had lots of settings you can open the Lazy Mirror.ini file and copy the settings into the configuration dialog. The installer does not remove the Lazy Mirror.ini file if it finds an existing installation. If you do not need it anymore you can delete it.

From before version 6.0

Starting from version 6.0 the directory used as a time slot inside the Lazy Mirror archive has changed from \Lazy Mirror archive\YYYY MM DD\HH MM SS to \Lazy Mirror archive\YYYY\MM\DD\HH MM SS to facilitate easier browsing and faster access to large archives. Before installing the latest version of Lazy Mirror you first need to install Lazy Mirror version 9.0. Version 9.0 will upgrade archives from previous versions with the first scan. It is the latest version containing this upgrade code. After you upgraded your archives you can install the latest version.

For a detailed list of changes per release you can have a look at the What's new? page or when you are new to Lazy Mirror you might want to have a look at The Lazy Mirror archive.

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