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WAssociate is freeware written for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP. Though many use it on Vista and 2007, it is NOT fully compatible and it will not be made compatible. That is, unless you are an existing user of WAssociate, who really cannot live without it, don't use it on Vista or 2007.

WAssociate manages the associations between file name extensions and file types stored in the Windows registry. These associations determine the appearance and actions supported for a file by Windows.

WAssociate enables control over double or right clicking a file, context menus, associated commands, icons and descriptions in Windows Explorer. Control freaks have easy access to the Windows registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and more...

A French version of the documentation of version 2.5 by Alain Lenoir and André Vaysse is available for reading or download.

WAssociate showing extension .txt
WAssociate showing the registry for a plain text file.

In these docs Windows 95, 98 and ME will be referred to as 9x and Windows NT, 2000, 2003 and XP will be referred to as Windows NTx. Windows Vista and Windows 2007 were not existing when these docs were written and are not covered at all.

Need to know

To use WAssociate you need to have or develop a basic understanding of how Windows assigns properties to file name extensions through file types and classes. To get you started a short introduction will be given in these pages.

Goal of WAssociate is to give easy access to the Windows registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, because that's where associations are stored. Editing the registry can be tricky and is a topic for advanced users. If you don't know anything about the registry and its HKEY_CLASSES_STUFF, advance with care.

Download and installation

To install WAssociate download setup_wassociate.exe and run it. After you ran setup_wassociate.exe you can read this documentation by opening index.html in the documentation directory.

If you upgrade from a previous version that did not yet include an installer (version 3.4 or older) then delete the old WAssociate program directory before you run setup_wassociate.exe.

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